A motorcycle scrambler, scooter, and a motorcycle race

  • August 7, 2021

Scramblers are an ancient race in Japan, but it took a lot more than a single race to get the idea off the ground.

In 2013, a team of students from Kyoto University got the idea to combine all these different aspects into a unique motorcycle race.

With no formal training, the students had to put together a team that included students, hobbyists, and volunteers from the local community.

And it worked.

After several months, the event, which was called Yurikochi, or Japanese Scrambler, was born.

“It is very unique,” said Masahiro Sato, a mechanical engineer who helped design the bike.

“There is no way you can do this on a bicycle, so we built a bike that is very compact and light.”

The Yurikyoku is a three-wheeled race motorcycle that combines the advantages of a scrambler with a motorcycle.

It is powered by a Kawasaki ZX-10R, which is also available as a road bike, and has a maximum top speed of 120 miles per hour (209 km/h).

In addition to the scrambler and motorcycle, the Yuriki has a second bike to handle the other races.

The Yursi has a unique ability to race with a small bike, which it can be configured to race on, as well as race on a bike-sized platform that can be mounted on a pole.

It also has a small, flexible chassis that can accommodate the scramblers.

Sato explained that the team has also made a racing seat for the race that can fit a scramblers and a race-sized frame for the rider.

“The Yuriyoku is very competitive, but the race is not about the race,” said Sato.

“I like the concept of a race, but I also want to make a bicycle that I can race with.”

The race is held in the winter and in March, but has been held in summer and autumn since 2010.

“When we are doing a race for the first time, we want to show people that the Yursiyoku can race and that we can do it, and that it is possible,” said Takashi Yamada, the driver.

“People are excited and they want to come and try it.”

A team member and a scramulator in the race Source: National Geographic “I want to give the opportunity to other people, but also to make it more interesting,” said Natsuyuki Kato, the lead instructor of the YURIKYOKU RACE.

“We need to create an atmosphere of cooperation.

I want to introduce the idea of teamwork.”

A racing seat and a bike in the Yuriokuhou race track in Japan Source: Natsuzuki Kataoka/Natsuyoshi Kato The team has received the support of local companies as well.

“They are very supportive of our race,” Sato said.

“If we can get the race started, we can continue our efforts.”

The organizers are also planning on doing some other events in the future, such as an event at the Kawasaki dealership, a motorcycle and a scooter race.

“But it will not be a real race,” he added.

“This is a very new thing.”

What you need to know about bike insurance coverage

  • July 21, 2021

With the bike insurance market booming, there are a lot of questions to ask.

Here are some key questions you should be asking yourself when buying bike insurance.


Which type of motorcycle are you driving?

Is it a bike with a front-wheel drive system, or one with a rear-wheeldrive system?

What type of insurance does it cover?

Are there any deductible?

How much will it cost?

Does it cover bike damage?


Are there different levels of motorcycle insurance?

If so, which levels?

Is there a cap or is it an insurance that covers just parts of the bike, or does it include all the components?


What are the coverage limits and what happens if I lose my insurance?

What happens if you lose your bike insurance?

Are you able to recover it from your insurance company?

How can I keep track of my bike insurance costs?

How do I make sure I pay them correctly?


What types of motorcycle helmets are approved by the U.S. DOT for motorcycle use?

Are they mandatory?

Can they be purchased by people without a motorcycle license?


What happens when my insurance company fails to pay?

Is my coverage terminated?

What if I go back to my previous insurer and try again?

Is a bike insurance company able to get me a new one?


Can I get a copy of my motorcycle insurance policy?

Are insurance companies allowed to see my policy, and what if they get caught in a data breach?

What does it mean if I change my mind about my bike?


Can my bike insurer cancel my policy?

Do they have the right to do so?

Is this legal?

How does it work?


Can insurance companies cancel my bike policy?

Can I request an emergency payment?

Can you ask for a payment to be made?


Is it legal to have my bike stolen?

What are my rights?

What can I do if my bike is stolen?


Can you buy insurance on stolen bike?

Is theft legal?


Can motorcycle insurance be used for personal injury claims?

Can insurance cover it?


Can motorcyclists receive damages?

What about medical bills?

How is this handled?


What if my insurance is terminated?

Can my policy be transferred?


How do you get a motorcycle insurance quote?

What is the cheapest rate you can get?

Can someone else get it for me?


What do I need to get my bike covered?

Can it be replaced?

What should I do with the bike?


How can insurance companies offer me discounts?

What discounts can I get?

What do you do if I forget to pay a claim?


What is my bike accident policy?

Is that covered?

What else should I know?


What’s the best way to make sure my insurance covers me?

What’s covered?


Is motorcycle insurance good for people with disabilities?

Can people with physical or mental disabilities get bike insurance and ride?


Does motorcycle insurance cover all kinds of injuries?

What kinds of motorcycle injuries do you cover?


What about bike accidents and motorcycle theft?

Is motorcycle theft covered?



Can bike insurance cover theft of motor vehicles?

What kind of motorcycle theft do you deal with?


What can you do with your bike when it gets stolen?

Can anyone else take it?


How long do bike insurance policies last?

How often does insurance last?


Is there anything I should do to make it more likely that someone will get injured?

How long does bike insurance last for?


Can your bike be stolen?

How common is it?

How hard is it to get your bike stolen from a garage?


Is a motorcycle theft or bike accident covered by your insurance?

Can your insurance cover bike theft?

How to protect yourself?


How much is my insurance deductible?

What will happen if I fail to pay it?


Can someone buy insurance with a credit card?

Can a credit or debit card be used to buy motorcycle insurance coverage?


Does bike insurance help me get around?

How are bike insurance rates determined?

What types and how much does the coverage cost?


How many bike accidents do I have a chance of having in a year?

How many of them are my fault?

How would you handle them?


What insurance does my state have for motorcyclist collision claims?

Do you need one?

Do I need one for motorcycle accidents?


Can a person use a bicycle as a personal transportation device?

Is the law on bicycles still the same as it is for cars?

Do bike owners need to pay an additional fee for using a bike as a transport device?


How does the motorcycle liability insurance system work?

Is an accident on a motorcycle covered by motorcycle liability?

Does the motorcycle insurance system protect me against motorcycle theft and motor vehicle accidents?