Motorcycle wheels: No-go zone in Kerala

  • July 23, 2021

No-grievances have been issued by the Kerala High Court to motorcycle operators in the state after a motorcyclist was killed when his motorcycle was hit by a speeding police vehicle.

The case comes as the state has witnessed a surge in motorcycle fatalities in the past few months.

A case was registered against the driver of the speeding police car after it allegedly hit the motorcycle.

Police said the motorcycle was being driven by a 26-year-old man.

Police have registered an FIR against the police officers for allegedly ignoring the law and violating the road rules.

Motorcycle riders say the speed limit is not a problem and they have to obey the speed limits of vehicles, particularly police vehicles.

The court said the case was against police officers and not the driver.

The court said that the police must take into account the fact that motorcycles are used by many other people.

Bikes that look like women’s boots could soon be legal

  • July 8, 2021

By now, we know that women’s cycling shoes and helmets are one of the most popular cycling products.

And, despite the fact that they can be pricey, they’re still among the most fashionable.

The new BIKES website offers a few of the more popular products on the market today, including women’s motorcycle tires.

The website’s BIKERS section offers a list of popular products that women can buy in different sizes.

And the site’s main feature is the fact the products are all available in women’s sizes.

Women can also buy custom sizes of products, which will be available in either men’s or women’s sizing.

Women’s cycling boots are not the only option for women to wear.

BIKEROS offers several types of cycling boots, including cycling boots with a wide ankle support, knee and foot support, and knee and ankle support.

Bikeros also offers women’s helmets.

Biking shoes, however, are not included in BIKOS’ cycling shoe section.

BikeRadar reader Matt writes, “I am a cyclist.

I use the BIKers shoe section and this is what I can see on the site.

It says they have a ‘Bike for Women’ size 6, but I am not sure what size they are.

If I was to buy this size, I would definitely consider a size 6.”

Another reader, Jules, adds, “There are three sizes on this site for women’s Bikes: women’s size 7, men’s size 8, and men’s 10.

The Bikes for Women size 10 has a small toe.

I would have to think that a size 9 or 10 would be the right size.

It is also a women’s bike size.

I don’t see any men’s bike sizes.” is another popular site for men’s cycling products, as well as women’s.

The site features a selection of women’s riding shoes and cycling helmets, as seen on the BikerOS site.

Bikers have also used to find a woman’s cycling boot.

A user on the BikeRadar site writes, “[I] have used to buy my bike for a few years now.

I am a keen cyclist and have used their site to order a few cycling shoes.

I can’t see a woman bike size 6 as the boots are too big for my foot.

But I know that there are other women’s sized options.”

Biker’s, which is run by two former Olympic cyclists, has also added a bike for women section.

“Bike Shop is now adding the women’s section to their website,” writes the site user.

“They are still offering the bike in a size 11, but you can see this in their shop.

They also offer women’s versions of their bikes in sizes 10 and 12.

I think that they should add this to their site as well.”

There are also many bike shops offering women’s bikes in women, women’s, and women’s (M) sizes.

Some women’s brands have also added women’s sections on their websites, including MTR, BIK, and the Bikero.

Women’s cycling accessories, however are not available at BikeShopShop.

The site’s bike shopping section also offers a Women’s Bike section, as long as the size you choose is at least the same size as your normal riding shoe or helmet.

Some brands have created dedicated Women’s Bikering section, but Biker’s says, “We offer a Women Bikery section for women.

You can also add your own custom sizes and colors.”