How to get Harley-Davidson’s Superstore back online after massive cyberattack

  • October 14, 2021

Harley-Davidsons Superstore, the largest of its kind in the United States, has shut down after a massive cyber attack that shuttered more than half of its online sales.

The cyberattack, which was first reported by The Associated Press, caused Harley-Danes stock prices to plunge by about 30% on Monday, but it was only the latest blow to a company that has been in decline for years, especially in the apparel and electronics industries.

Harley-Martin, the world’s largest maker of motorcycles, is still the biggest motorcycle retailer, and its online store is still a big draw.

But it was not just the online sales that were hit.

Harley’s online sales also were affected, and the company announced Monday that it would start to restore them on Wednesday.

It has been trying to restore the online store since February, when a cyberattack disrupted Harley-Mart’s operations.

The company says it is working with law enforcement agencies and government agencies to determine how to recover the online stores.

“This is the most serious cyberattack ever seen by the Harley-Marins company,” CEO Steve McQueen said in a statement.

“The disruption in the retail sector is unprecedented.

We are working to restore as much as possible as quickly as possible, and we will continue to do so in an effort to protect our customers, our associates and our brand.”

Harley-Denim has said that the attack affected its supply chain, and that it will have to shut down the online shop permanently.

The retailer’s stock price has lost about 30 percent since the attack.

New motorcycle boots for sale at Superstore

  • August 23, 2021

NEW YORK — A New York motorcycle superstore is selling a limited edition line of motorcycle boots made exclusively for motorcycle enthusiasts, the first time they have been made in America.

The boots, which have a custom made leather upper and a molded inner lining, will be available for $129.99 in the store’s online store and at on Sept. 19.

The new boots are the first of their kind in the United States, and they are a response to the Harley-Davidson XO-1, which was unveiled earlier this year in Japan and launched in the U.S. on Oct. 13.

Customers can purchase the boots for $99.99 at the store or online, and the boots are made in Italy.

Boots made in the USA were a common sight at Harley-Davidsons first motorcycle show in Japan, where a pair of the boots were sold to celebrate the Harley’s return to the United Kingdom in September.

In addition to the custom-made leather boots, the XO series includes a padded outer shell, leather toe cap and an inner lining made from a recycled polyester material.

Mongolians want more, better roads, more cars

  • July 1, 2021

Mongolia’s Mongolian Motorcycle Club (MMC) has launched a new initiative, the Motorcycle Superstore.

It aims to bring in new motorcycles, more motorcycles, and better quality motorcycle parts.

It is the latest effort to improve the country’s roads and transportation infrastructure.

“The MMC is a grassroots organization and the main purpose of this initiative is to offer a better product and service to our customers,” said M.D. Khan, the president of the MMC, in a statement.

“We are striving to provide better products and services to our members and they are more than willing to give us their time and resources.” 

The MMCC has set up a new website to showcase the MMTC’s new offerings.

The website also includes an Instagram account that shows members riding the new motorcycles and parts. 

“We will continue to build upon the MMCC’s legacy by improving the quality and customer service,” Khan said. 

Mongolian Motorcycles will sell its motorcycle parts and accessories to dealers and consumers through the MMSC website. 

The Motorcycle Shipping Company of Mongolia, an affiliate of the Mongolian Government, has also announced a new partnership with the MMMC.

“Mongols are committed to delivering the best product for our customers, and we will continue our long-term cooperation with MMMC and other Mongolian companies to improve our market position,” said J.P. Kavadzic, the company’s chief executive officer. 

According to the MMCA, the MMSS offers the MMPC a better selection of motorcycle parts, which the MMTS wants to use for their own products.

“Our members are eager to get better quality and service,” said Khan. 

It also announced the MMPS to sell and distribute its own motorcycle parts on the MMMCC website.

“All our members can now get a better quality product that is more durable and reliable, and it is possible to buy and sell our own motorcycle, which is more convenient for the customers,” Khan added. 

MMTC President J.G. Kvitilis is a long-time member of the Mongols Parliament and has served in several government positions in the past.

The MMTC is part of the governing Mongolian National Democratic Party (MNDP). 

In March, the MNDP released a statement calling for an increase in motorcycle ownership.

The MNDPs new Motorcycle Safety and Quality Commission is set to take up the issue of motorcycle safety and quality.