How to get Harley-Davidson’s Superstore back online after massive cyberattack

  • October 14, 2021

Harley-Davidsons Superstore, the largest of its kind in the United States, has shut down after a massive cyber attack that shuttered more than half of its online sales.

The cyberattack, which was first reported by The Associated Press, caused Harley-Danes stock prices to plunge by about 30% on Monday, but it was only the latest blow to a company that has been in decline for years, especially in the apparel and electronics industries.

Harley-Martin, the world’s largest maker of motorcycles, is still the biggest motorcycle retailer, and its online store is still a big draw.

But it was not just the online sales that were hit.

Harley’s online sales also were affected, and the company announced Monday that it would start to restore them on Wednesday.

It has been trying to restore the online store since February, when a cyberattack disrupted Harley-Mart’s operations.

The company says it is working with law enforcement agencies and government agencies to determine how to recover the online stores.

“This is the most serious cyberattack ever seen by the Harley-Marins company,” CEO Steve McQueen said in a statement.

“The disruption in the retail sector is unprecedented.

We are working to restore as much as possible as quickly as possible, and we will continue to do so in an effort to protect our customers, our associates and our brand.”

Harley-Denim has said that the attack affected its supply chain, and that it will have to shut down the online shop permanently.

The retailer’s stock price has lost about 30 percent since the attack.