Ace motorcycle diaries, with interviews with three men who rescued a life raft

  • September 19, 2021

A man who rescued an life raft from the side of a car in the middle of a Queensland river has revealed the bravery of the other two men who assisted him.

Key points:The men were all volunteers and the raft was on a motorcycle The raft was about 50 metres (160 feet) long and 50 metres wideSource: Ace motorcycle forumsThe man, who asked not to be identified, said he and his partner were driving along a busy road in a rural area when they noticed a motorcycle speeding along.

They were driving at about 80km/h (50mph) when they spotted the vehicle on a motorway, but the driver of the vehicle refused to stop.

“I was on the highway and I heard the sound of a vehicle on the motorway and as I turned onto the highway, I saw the motorcycle going past and I pulled over to get my partner out of the car,” the man said.

“As I was driving the car, I thought ‘what am I doing?’,” he said.’

I felt scared’The motorcycle driver pulled over, but not before he asked the man to wait for him on the side.

The man was able to get a grip on the motorcycle and he was able grab hold of the back of the motorcycle.

The motorcycle was stuck on the car’s side of the road for more than five minutes.

“The guy was able just to grab hold on to the back and pull it back and it just started falling,” the motorcyclist said.

He said the man told him the motorbike driver was an “extremely good man” and that he had just saved his life.

“That guy just kept saying, ‘I feel scared’,” the man added.

“He was just very calm and calm and just said, ‘don’t worry’.”

The man said he told the driver that he could do whatever he wanted, and the driver told him he could stay put.

“Then he took his phone and just started texting me saying ‘get on with it’,” he added.

The motorcyclists rescued the life raft after being called out to the side in a remote part of the river.

“We were driving and I was thinking, ‘there’s no way we can do this,'” the man recalled.

“There was just no way of us getting off that motorway in that conditions.”

The man told his partner about the ordeal.

“My partner said, how about we go get a life jacket and carry it out?,” the motorcycle rider said.

The life raft was eventually pulled from the water, but it was not the first time a lifeboat has been washed up on the banks of the Brisbane River.

The woman was among the first to survive.

The men had been out at the time of the rescue.

“You don’t think about what the other guys were thinking, but that’s what they were thinking.

It was just an instinct,” the rider said of his decision to rescue the lifeboat.”

They had to be a very strong and courageous pair.”

The men have since been given life jackets and are recovering in hospital.

How to choose a motorcycle jacket

  • August 26, 2021

When it comes to selecting a motorcycle glove, it is a no-brainer.

You will be buying your own, and the price tag will be significantly higher than the ones you may be used to buying.

But you may find the motorcycle gloves to be just as good, if not better.

It depends on your preferences.

Let’s go through the best motorcycle glove options available today.1.

Eureka Sport Jacket for Women: This motorcycle glove is made with the finest materials and is made to be a comfortable choice for those who have a higher body weight.

The jacket is made of a breathable synthetic material and comes in several different sizes and styles.

The Eurekast Sport jacket is the best option for women, as it has a comfortable fit and will not interfere with your workout.

The jacket is available in a variety of colors and has a soft material to prevent moisture from collecting.

It also comes in a black or white color.

Eureka’s Sport Jacket is available at the best price in the industry and is perfect for anyone.

They even offer the Eurekas Sport Jacket in a premium quality, leather, and nylon version.

This is the perfect motorcycle glove for the adventurous rider.

The Eurekoa Sport Jacket has an all-weather comfort layer for comfort during cold weather and an alluring leather material to protect against wind and sweat.

The leather jacket is constructed of a combination of cotton and polyester to provide maximum durability and protection.

The nylon material provides an added layer of protection for those in heavy clothing.

The jersey and mesh lining are both made from breathable nylon and absorb moisture.

It is a perfect motorcycle jacket for anyone, even those with a heavier body.

The nylon jacket can also be worn with gloves, and is ideal for those with latex gloves.

It has a removable mesh lining, which allows you to customize the fit and finish.

The motorcycle gloves offered by EureKast are very durable, and offer the ability to keep your hands dry during the cold weather.

This includes gloves with a water-repellent coating, as well as gloves that are designed to be worn on your hands.

The gloves can also protect against the elements.

This glove will keep you warm even in the coldest of winter weather.

The helmet on this motorcycle glove has a unique visor design that protects against wind.

It can be worn as an outer layer for those on long rides, or as an inner layer for a rider with a helmet-to-head helmet.

This motorcycle helmet has a reflective coating to provide protection against wind, rain, and snow.

This helmet will keep your head warm during the winter.

The visor has a small air vent and a wind-resistant windscreen.

It provides a great combination of protection, comfort, and style.

This motorcycle helmet is available with a removable visor and wind-proof windscreen for riders with helmets that do not have an air vent.

This bike helmet can be used as an accessory to the helmet or as a helmet accessory to a helmet that does not have a windscreen at all.

The bike glove offered by the Eikel is designed to have a smooth fit.

This one is made from a premium synthetic material that will provide the best protection from sweat and cold.

The glove has an anti-slip inner lining that will help protect the hand from scratches.

It does not require a protective helmet to be put on to keep it from slipping on and off during the day.

The protective liner also provides protection from dirt and other debris.

The gloves on this bike glove are very comfortable, and are available in both men and women’s sizes.

The men’s size is slightly larger than the women’s size, which means it fits better for people who are taller or more muscular.

The women’s gloves have a soft, breathable material that can be washed in the tub and dryer.

They are available with or without a windshield.

The men’s bike glove is the most versatile motorcycle glove available today, and has all the features needed to provide the most protection and comfort during any time of the day or night.

They have a removable, water-resistant outer liner, which can be put in for comfort in cold weather, and an anti, dust, and water-proof inner lining to keep you dry during heavy snow, rain or hail.

The helmet on the men’s motorcycle glove comes with a reflective inner lining, and also offers protection against snow, dirt, and other dirt particles.

The motorcycle helmet can also use the helmet as an additional accessory to its helmet.

The bike helmet also offers a wind protection visor.

This bicycle helmet is perfect if you are looking for protection in the snow and rain, but also to protect from dust and debris.

The helmets wind-repelling inner lining can be cleaned in the same way as the men, and a dust and water protection liner can be placed on the outside of the helmet to protect the wearer from