New York’s Motorcycle Helmet Wars: What’s at stake in the war?

  • July 29, 2021

New York City’s helmet laws are a thorny issue for motorcycle riders.

Some argue the helmet law is unconstitutional, and others have been accused of violating civil rights.

The law requires all riders to wear helmets at all times, and it’s difficult to change.

New York has a long history of helmet use and enforcement, but motorcycle helmet laws have become a lightning rod for controversy.

What’s the history of motorcycle helmet legislation?

The law, which was passed in 1978, mandated that helmet use must be done at least 50 percent of the time for all riders, including children and the disabled.

For the first time in U.S. history, the law was adopted by the federal government.

The helmet law has become a rallying cry for helmet manufacturers.

In 2015, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) issued a trademark application for the term “motorcycle helmet.”

“The helmet is an essential piece of life in this country,” New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said at the time.

Some states have passed laws that allow the wearing of helmets for a limited period of time. “

I’m going to do everything I can to make sure that every New Yorker, every driver, every rider has the best helmet available to them.”

Some states have passed laws that allow the wearing of helmets for a limited period of time.

The New York helmet law does not require helmet use be stopped at 50 percent.

It also allows riders to take a “reasonable action” to wear a helmet, such as changing or replacing helmets.

Advocates argue helmets are the first defense against head and neck injuries.

They argue helmet use can reduce the risk of head injuries, but helmet use is not mandatory for riders.

The laws are complex and sometimes controversial.

The Federal Highway Administration has been a major advocate for helmet laws.

The agency issued a “recommendation” in January to states on how to design helmets and promote helmet use.

The report noted helmets must have “good and adequate ventilation,” “reflective coating,” and be “appropriate for age,” among other things.

The federal government is also considering a helmet bill, according to The Washington Post.

Critics argue the helmets are often designed for children.

“Some parents will wear a cheap helmet to their child’s birthday party, and say, ‘You know, the helmet will keep me safe,'” said New York State Senator Carl Paladino.

“But when they take off the helmet, the child has a concussion.”

The National Conference of State Legislatures also released a statement in March that the federal helmet law “is not supported by scientific evidence, is not medically effective, and may be ineffective.”

New York is the most populous state in the U.

Why the Lego Motorcycle Tent is a great gift

  • July 28, 2021

When you’re planning a trip, there are so many things you need to bring that it can be overwhelming.

While this Lego motorcycle tent is the perfect solution for the simple task of putting up a tent, it also comes with a number of other fun accessories that can make your trip a whole lot more entertaining.

First, you’ll need some gear.

If you’re looking for something for a weekend or holiday getaway, this is definitely the right thing to bring.

The motorbike tent is built with sturdy plastic, which is ideal for any size of motorcycle.

It can also be used for more elaborate things, like a tent that you can hang on your roof or hang on the sides of your vehicle.

Another great thing about this motorbike bike tent is that it is a sturdy tent.

It is constructed from a sturdy plastic that can withstand a ton of abuse, which means that it’s much stronger than most other tents.

Plus, the bike seat can easily slide down into the tent for easy transport and storage.

It’s also got a couple extra accessories, including a portable grill for cooking.

You’ll also need some space.

The bike tent measures 15 by 20 by 15 inches and it has a built-in tent door that can be used to hang the bike or tent.

A standard bike seat will fit on this tent, too.

It comes with plenty of storage space, too, including plenty of zippers, hooks, and other accessories that you’ll want to keep in your backpack or purse.

If you’re still in the mood for something a little more elaborate, you can also bring along your family.

This motorbike motorcycle tent comes with several different kinds of storage, including an additional storage container for your kids.

There are also a few other accessories for the kids, too: a small stove, a small refrigerator, a little bit of lighting, and more.

You can also add some fun extras to the motorbike motorbike generator.

This generator can be connected to a power source like a solar panel or a solar cooker.

It also has an integrated LED that makes it easier to see what’s going on around you.

Finally, there’s plenty of accessories to make this motorcycle motorcycle tent even more fun.

There’s an optional motorcycle tail lamp and a small mirror that can help you see what your friends are up to.

Plus you can connect it to a remote control to control the motorcycle and set up your own lights.

You can even customize the tent to fit your needs.

What you need to know about bike insurance coverage

  • July 21, 2021

With the bike insurance market booming, there are a lot of questions to ask.

Here are some key questions you should be asking yourself when buying bike insurance.


Which type of motorcycle are you driving?

Is it a bike with a front-wheel drive system, or one with a rear-wheeldrive system?

What type of insurance does it cover?

Are there any deductible?

How much will it cost?

Does it cover bike damage?


Are there different levels of motorcycle insurance?

If so, which levels?

Is there a cap or is it an insurance that covers just parts of the bike, or does it include all the components?


What are the coverage limits and what happens if I lose my insurance?

What happens if you lose your bike insurance?

Are you able to recover it from your insurance company?

How can I keep track of my bike insurance costs?

How do I make sure I pay them correctly?


What types of motorcycle helmets are approved by the U.S. DOT for motorcycle use?

Are they mandatory?

Can they be purchased by people without a motorcycle license?


What happens when my insurance company fails to pay?

Is my coverage terminated?

What if I go back to my previous insurer and try again?

Is a bike insurance company able to get me a new one?


Can I get a copy of my motorcycle insurance policy?

Are insurance companies allowed to see my policy, and what if they get caught in a data breach?

What does it mean if I change my mind about my bike?


Can my bike insurer cancel my policy?

Do they have the right to do so?

Is this legal?

How does it work?


Can insurance companies cancel my bike policy?

Can I request an emergency payment?

Can you ask for a payment to be made?


Is it legal to have my bike stolen?

What are my rights?

What can I do if my bike is stolen?


Can you buy insurance on stolen bike?

Is theft legal?


Can motorcycle insurance be used for personal injury claims?

Can insurance cover it?


Can motorcyclists receive damages?

What about medical bills?

How is this handled?


What if my insurance is terminated?

Can my policy be transferred?


How do you get a motorcycle insurance quote?

What is the cheapest rate you can get?

Can someone else get it for me?


What do I need to get my bike covered?

Can it be replaced?

What should I do with the bike?


How can insurance companies offer me discounts?

What discounts can I get?

What do you do if I forget to pay a claim?


What is my bike accident policy?

Is that covered?

What else should I know?


What’s the best way to make sure my insurance covers me?

What’s covered?


Is motorcycle insurance good for people with disabilities?

Can people with physical or mental disabilities get bike insurance and ride?


Does motorcycle insurance cover all kinds of injuries?

What kinds of motorcycle injuries do you cover?


What about bike accidents and motorcycle theft?

Is motorcycle theft covered?



Can bike insurance cover theft of motor vehicles?

What kind of motorcycle theft do you deal with?


What can you do with your bike when it gets stolen?

Can anyone else take it?


How long do bike insurance policies last?

How often does insurance last?


Is there anything I should do to make it more likely that someone will get injured?

How long does bike insurance last for?


Can your bike be stolen?

How common is it?

How hard is it to get your bike stolen from a garage?


Is a motorcycle theft or bike accident covered by your insurance?

Can your insurance cover bike theft?

How to protect yourself?


How much is my insurance deductible?

What will happen if I fail to pay it?


Can someone buy insurance with a credit card?

Can a credit or debit card be used to buy motorcycle insurance coverage?


Does bike insurance help me get around?

How are bike insurance rates determined?

What types and how much does the coverage cost?


How many bike accidents do I have a chance of having in a year?

How many of them are my fault?

How would you handle them?


What insurance does my state have for motorcyclist collision claims?

Do you need one?

Do I need one for motorcycle accidents?


Can a person use a bicycle as a personal transportation device?

Is the law on bicycles still the same as it is for cars?

Do bike owners need to pay an additional fee for using a bike as a transport device?


How does the motorcycle liability insurance system work?

Is an accident on a motorcycle covered by motorcycle liability?

Does the motorcycle insurance system protect me against motorcycle theft and motor vehicle accidents?

What you need to know about motorcycle dealers and the motorcycling industry

  • July 19, 2021

A new report released by the nonprofit Center for Responsible Government (CPRG) reveals that motorcycle dealerships in the U.S. have become the most profitable business in America.

According to the study, between 2008 and 2017, the industry grew at an annual rate of 7 percent.

The study also shows that dealerships were responsible for more than $10 billion in annual revenue, accounting for nearly a third of the industry’s total revenue.

While this may not sound like a lot, it’s more than double the total sales of the entire automobile industry, which accounted for only $3.7 billion in revenue in 2008.

The study shows that motorcycle sales accounted for nearly 90 percent of total U..

S motorcycle sales between 2007 and 2017.

According the report, this figure will continue to grow as more states legalize recreational use of motorcycle and driverless vehicles.

The report also found that motorcycle dealership revenue is projected to continue to increase as the demand for motorcycles continues to grow.

“The growth in motorcycle sales in the last decade has been driven by the growing demand for the product, coupled with the increase in the supply of dealers,” wrote CCRG President and CEO Scott Hargreaves.

“The motorcycle industry is an important part of the U,S.

economy and its success will depend on how consumers, consumers, and manufacturers adapt to a changing and growing market for motorcycles.”

Hargreasts stated that the number of motorcycle dealers in the United States has increased from approximately 40,000 in 2008 to nearly 60,000 today.

The industry’s expansion has been fueled by new technologies and an explosion in demand for motorcycle parts and accessories.

“Over the past decade, the number and type of motorcycle parts sold increased at a rate of about 25 percent annually, reaching a high of over 200,000 parts per million in 2020,” Hargres said.

“We believe that the demand and supply of motorcycle products is continuing to grow and, at the same time, the supply will continue growing, which will allow more and more dealers to compete with each other and drive up sales.”

The report also reveals that the motorcycle industry was responsible for $10.7 trillion in revenue, which was $1,096 per person.

Hargreyes stated that over this time period, the motorcycle sales industry generated nearly $1.2 trillion in income, which is about a quarter of the total revenue from the auto industry.

The report found that while the motorcycle dealers are responsible for over $10,000 of total motorcycle sales, the cost of producing and distributing motorcycles is a staggering $2.2 billion.

This includes the cost to produce and install and maintain the equipment, as well as to purchase and store the equipment.

This is the cost that many of the motorcycle companies and the manufacturers that own them are paying to the government and the companies themselves.

“These businesses need to be regulated, and if they are allowed to operate, they need to operate responsibly,” said Hargreys.

“They need to have the public’s support and they need help in complying with the law.”

When will the new motorcycle helmets be ready for use?

  • July 17, 2021

The Italian government is looking for public input on how soon the new helmets will be ready to be used.

Motorcycle helmets have been around for about a decade now, and the industry has grown in popularity as more people try to get away from helmets in cars.

The government is keen to find out what people like the look of and what makes them comfortable, as well as how well they fit.

The aim is to have helmets ready for sale by 2019.

There are three different types of motorcycle helmets: traditional helmets, helmets made from synthetic materials, and helmets made of polymers, which are currently the only kind available.

The first generation of helmets, known as the “F-5”, is designed for riders who are between 18 and 25 years old, while the next generation is designed to be worn by anyone over 25 years of age.

They have a helmet shape similar to a standard helmet, but the colour is slightly different, with blue and orange being the two main colours.

The F-5 helmet has a helmet structure similar to that of the modern helmets, which can be adjusted in two ways, with the head shaping in the front facing the wearer and the head shape in the back facing away from the wearer.

The shape of the F-1 is very similar, but with a different helmet structure.

The helmet is made of a combination of a polycarbonate material and a polyester material.

The material is typically made of acrylic, polyvinyl chloride, and polyethylene, but some brands make them of other materials, including plastic and nylon.

The shape of each of the four helmets is slightly modified from the previous generation.

The F-4 helmet is a triangular shape with a rounded top, while F-3 has a round shape.

The helmets are made of two pieces: the head and the chin strap.

The helmet is attached to the helmet via a helmet strap that is made from either polyethylenimine (PE), polyethylenesvinyl acetate (PEVAC), or polyvinylene-vinyl cellulose (PVC).

The head strap is the most common part of a motorcycle helmet, and is made up of four parts.

The inner part of the strap is made out of a rubber material that is stiff enough to absorb the impact of a helmet hit.

The outer part is made by stitching together two pieces of rubber and the inner part is a plastic material that acts as a hardening layer.

The head and chin strap can be changed between black and white, and white is the default colour.

The design of the head strap and chin straps has also changed slightly.

Previously, the helmet strap was made of one piece of leather, while now it is made entirely of polyester, making the head straps slightly lighter.

As part of their helmet design, helmet manufacturers are required to have a “safety rating” that measures the impact strength of each helmet, based on their manufacturer’s helmet standards.

The higher the number, the stronger the helmet.

For example, a safety rating of 12 means the helmet will protect against the force of about 40 kilos (77 pounds) of impact.

The ratings can be found on the helmet label, and can be applied to helmets with the same or higher impact strength, such as the F1, F5, and F3 helmets.

According to the Italian government, the first two sets of ratings are “optimal”, meaning that the helmet meets all the criteria for safety.

The first rating is used to determine which helmets are considered “optimum” for the purpose of a new safety rating.

For instance, helmets with a rating of 10 would meet the requirements for a new rating.

However, manufacturers of helmets with higher impact strengths must adhere to a different rating system for helmets with lower impact strengths.

For this reason, helmets that meet a higher impact rating will not meet the new rating system, but helmets with less impact strength will.

Accordingly, helmets are subject to the new safety ratings, but not to the rating system used for the new helmet rating system.

The Italian government has set the initial safety rating for the F5 helmet to be 12.

The Italian helmet rating standards for helmets can only be changed by a new manufacturer, so a manufacturer can only apply for the rating in the first three years after its manufacture.

The second and third safety rating levels are for helmets that will meet all the impact tests for the helmets with an impact strength rating of 13.

The new helmet standards for these helmets must be applied in five years after the helmet’s manufacture.

The helmets with ratings of 14 and 15 will be subject to a new helmet standard, which will be used until 2025.

The fourth safety rating level for the helmet is for helmets for use by motorcycle drivers who have suffered from head injuries.

The government sets the new ratings for motorcycle helmets based on the number of times that the driver has suffered a head injury.

The new ratings

How to recover your motorcycle: The right way

  • July 11, 2021

The most common questions we get from people wanting to salvage their old motorcycle are: How do I clean it?

What do I do with the parts?

How do they look?

Do I want to sell it?

Are there any laws to keep me safe?

Motorcycle salvage yards are booming, with more than 20,000 of them operating in the U.S. and Canada.

It’s a lucrative business, with the cost of salvaging motorcycles, parts, parts parts parts, often a whole lot of them.

But when you get to the bottom of what makes a motorcycle salvage yard tick, you realize that there are many factors to consider, like the type of parts you’re looking to buy and the type and quality of the equipment they need.

The answers are often less clear-cut than you might think.

So how do you clean and care for your old bike?

It all starts with knowing the rules.

Here are the five most common motorcycle parts you’ll need when you’re working on your motorcycle.

A few guidelines to keep in mindBefore you go to your local salvage yard, here are some things to consider:How much do you want to save?

The lower the figure, the more you’ll save if you can make a good deal with the junk.

If you can’t make a sale, you can usually find the parts and equipment you need at a local thrift store or garage sale.

The parts you want will help you determine what kind of parts to look for and what kind to expect.

That means that you’ll want to check out what kinds of components the parts are made of, which makes it easier to decide which parts are the best for your particular application.

For example, a big part of what you’ll look for at a motorcycle junk yard is a chain.

Most are made out of plastic and aluminum, and the parts tend to be fairly cheap.

But if you’re willing to pay a little more, you might find that parts like chain sprockets, rods, and bearings can be a good buy.

The only thing you should not pay too much for is the tires.

You can get a great deal on tires from thrift stores and other used car lots.

But the good news is that you can always get them repaired or replaced if they need to be replaced.

If the parts you need are old, the old parts may have wear that’s hard to replace, so you’ll probably want to find the most reliable parts first.

The biggest piece of junk you’ll likely need is the brakes.

Brakes are made from steel, but they’re often used in older bikes.

You’ll want a good set of brakes, since they’ll hold the suspension and make it feel stable.

The brakes aren’t the only parts that you should look for.

A lot of motorcycle parts will need to come from your bike, including brake cables, brake pads, and chain.

You may also want to look at the suspension.

Many parts of a motorcycle can be difficult to remove or replace, and you may want to do some research to find parts that can be easily replaced without damaging the frame or the suspension, or if you’ve already got parts lying around from other motorcycles.

You might also want parts to help you fix your bike.

You might want a motorcycle repair kit, which will give you a set of tools that you might not normally need to fix your motorcycle if you don’t have access to a mechanic.

And you’ll also want some parts to keep your bike looking new.

There are a few things you’ll never need or want to buy at a bike salvage yard.

It doesn’t have to be expensive to find a salvage yard that specializes in bikes.

Just be sure you’re prepared for what you’re going to find.

Some salvage yards will let you know if there are parts you should consider buying before you go in.

For example, the owner of a thrift shop might want to know if you should buy parts for the wheels you use, or the tires you use.

You should also ask what kind or quality of equipment they’re looking for.

And if you do decide to buy the parts, it’s important to be prepared.

You don’t want to leave your motorcycle out to dry in a field for a month, and even if you have a bike that you’ve never owned, you should make sure it’s in good condition.

India buys 10 new SUVs from Japanese manufacturer

  • July 8, 2021

By Vishal UpadhyayPublished February 02, 2017 07:21:05The government on Wednesday bought 10 new sedans from Japanese carmaker Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, adding to a wave of purchases of vehicles in India, where a recent government-backed sales campaign has focused on expanding foreign ownership.

The vehicles are part of a new program that will see foreign buyers buy up to 10 new vehicles in the next three years, said an official who declined to be identified because of the sensitivity of the deal.

The sales push is part of the government’s drive to build an auto sector that can compete with Chinese and other domestic manufacturers, said Amitabh Chandra, an analyst at brokerage Citi.

The government hopes to boost exports by attracting foreign investment, and with the recent sales campaign, the government is betting on that.

A Mitsubishis sedan can sell for about $40,000, which translates into about $1,800 to $2,500 per vehicle.

It has been sold for about 10 years.

The Mitsubashis new vehicle will have a powertrain that Mitsuboshis has used in the last two models, and will be powered by a 1.8-liter turbocharged engine, a Japanese supplier said.

Mitsubishi has been buying SUVs in India for more than 30 years, and the country has a growing domestic market for SUVs.

In 2015, India’s sales rose by 17.6% to 3.7 billion units, the biggest leap in the world, according to a Bloomberg survey of market research firms.

India’s government, which has been trying to boost its foreign-exchange reserves, has been selling more than half its foreign currency reserves since March 2016, to $3.1 trillion.

The International Monetary Fund estimates India will need to raise $6.4 trillion to meet its debt obligations by 2019.

Triumph Triumph bikes in Baja California

  • July 7, 2021

By Joe BroussardThe motorcycle market in Bajaria is dominated by the B-Series models from the Kawasaki, Kawasaki KLR, Suzuki, Yamaha, Ducati and Ducati Super models, but there are also a few other bikes that are built with different specifications. 

For instance, Triumph’s B-30, which is a sporty, mid-engined motorcycle, has a unique exhaust system that makes it sound like a supercharged engine. 

The B-series bikes are also very popular in Bali, with the Triumph B-3000 offering some of the best prices on the market, and the Ducati D-1 that is a bit smaller, but has the best range of price and performance, as well as the best engine performance.

 BikeRadar is looking to add to the list of Triumph bikes that can be found in Bantay Cali, and to make sure that the bikes are on sale in the market in an orderly fashion, we’re going to add a few bikes that will be available in Bapañas, which are usually reserved for high-end models.

Baja California has a big motorcycle market.

It has some of our most popular motorcycle brands, but its also a very small market, with only 3,000 motorcycle sales per year.

In Baja, you can find B-3 and B-4 bikes, B-5, B4, B6 and B7.

All three of these bikes are based on Triumph’s famous B-model, but they have some interesting modifications.

For instance the B5 is based on the D-3, while the B6 has a more modern engine and a different exhaust system.

The Triumph B5 uses the same carbon fibre fork, carbon seat post, carbon brakes and a steel brake rotorset.

The B5 also has a modified exhaust system, which makes it look like a modern supercharged motorcycle, but also offers a bit of a different sound.

If you’re looking for a motorcycle that is very well built, with a lot of customization options, and is very fun to ride, then this is the motorcycle for you.

Check out our Triumph Baja Cali video below to find out more about these bikes. 

Baja bikes in the Baja marketBaja motorcycles in Bancas are also known as “bajajos” or “B-series”. 

They are also called “Baja” in Spanish, which means that Baja means “land of the” or that it is the land of the Bajajas.

With the B1 and B2 bikes, you’ll find a lot more than just a bike, you will find a motorcycle.

Here’s what you need to know about Baja bikes: There are no official Baja B-1 or B-2 motorcycles, but Baja models are available in various sizes.

You can find a Baja model from a B-10 to a B1.

They’re mostly found in smaller cities in Bauca and Santa Barbara, with smaller towns in other parts of the state like Cagayan de Oro.

A Baja bike with a B2 engine and suspension can have up to 180hp. 

 B-2 bikes are available from small local dealers, and have been around for years.

One of the most popular B-models in Boca is the B7, which can be seen in Banao and other areas in the south.

This is the second Baja version of the motorcycle.

B-7s are more popular in the central parts of Baja.

There is also a Bajaja B3, which uses a more sporty engine and features a different engine exhaust system than the B3. 

These Baja versions are usually very expensive. 

In Bancos, Baja cars and motorcycles are available, and there are more than 50 Baja variants.

These B-car and B1 cars are the most famous, and offer a very good range of options and price, with excellent fuel economy and fuel efficiency.

Other Baja types are the B4 car, which has a 3.0 liter inline six-cylinder engine, and B4 bikes are usually more affordable than B1 models.

The Baja markets have been getting more popular recently.

Nowadays, the Banca markets are dominated by Ducati, Kawakami, and Kawasaki.

Ducati is the most widely used brand in Banca Cali. 

Ducatis have a reputation for high quality motorcycles, and they have a great range of engines. 

Kawasaki is a brand with a reputation that goes back decades.

It is also the company that builds and sells the Ducatis and the Kawaks.

It has a great reputation and has the biggest motorcycle market of all in Bajo.

Kawasaki has a

Mongolians want more, better roads, more cars

  • July 1, 2021

Mongolia’s Mongolian Motorcycle Club (MMC) has launched a new initiative, the Motorcycle Superstore.

It aims to bring in new motorcycles, more motorcycles, and better quality motorcycle parts.

It is the latest effort to improve the country’s roads and transportation infrastructure.

“The MMC is a grassroots organization and the main purpose of this initiative is to offer a better product and service to our customers,” said M.D. Khan, the president of the MMC, in a statement.

“We are striving to provide better products and services to our members and they are more than willing to give us their time and resources.” 

The MMCC has set up a new website to showcase the MMTC’s new offerings.

The website also includes an Instagram account that shows members riding the new motorcycles and parts. 

“We will continue to build upon the MMCC’s legacy by improving the quality and customer service,” Khan said. 

Mongolian Motorcycles will sell its motorcycle parts and accessories to dealers and consumers through the MMSC website. 

The Motorcycle Shipping Company of Mongolia, an affiliate of the Mongolian Government, has also announced a new partnership with the MMMC.

“Mongols are committed to delivering the best product for our customers, and we will continue our long-term cooperation with MMMC and other Mongolian companies to improve our market position,” said J.P. Kavadzic, the company’s chief executive officer. 

According to the MMCA, the MMSS offers the MMPC a better selection of motorcycle parts, which the MMTS wants to use for their own products.

“Our members are eager to get better quality and service,” said Khan. 

It also announced the MMPS to sell and distribute its own motorcycle parts on the MMMCC website.

“All our members can now get a better quality product that is more durable and reliable, and it is possible to buy and sell our own motorcycle, which is more convenient for the customers,” Khan added. 

MMTC President J.G. Kvitilis is a long-time member of the Mongols Parliament and has served in several government positions in the past.

The MMTC is part of the governing Mongolian National Democratic Party (MNDP). 

In March, the MNDP released a statement calling for an increase in motorcycle ownership.

The MNDPs new Motorcycle Safety and Quality Commission is set to take up the issue of motorcycle safety and quality.

How to build your own motorcycle speakers

  • July 1, 2021

If you’re interested in building your own bike speakers, the next logical step is to get a pair of speakers that look like yours.

But that can be a bit of a challenge if you don’t have access to the right parts.

Here’s what you need to know.

Read More , which is designed to pair with Bluetooth headsets or to be paired with other Bluetooth devices.

The Yamaha SR-7 Bluetooth Speaker can be installed in less than a day.

Its only $350, and it comes with a Bluetooth speaker cable.

If you don.t have access and you don’ t want to buy a separate Bluetooth speaker, this is the perfect solution.

The company says the SR-700 will be available in mid-November.