How do motorcycle memes affect the world?

  • September 9, 2021


— If you’re a fan of motorcycle culture, you’ve probably been hearing a lot about “Bike America” and its annual “Bikes of the Week” series.

But what’s behind it?

The short answer: motorcycles.

In 2013, “Bikestockers” was a term coined by Matt Fagan of the motorcycle magazine Motorcycle Magazine to describe the phenomenon of men who ride bikes in order to “prove that the world is a better place when women ride.”

It’s an ongoing theme in the world of motorcycle fandom, and it’s not limited to the U.S. But in the motorcycle world, it’s often overlooked.

For some, it can be interpreted as a misogynistic or sexist sentiment, and as an insult to women.

But that’s not the case.

“Bikeness” is a term that’s taken on a life of its own, even if it’s a relatively new one, as the popularity of motorcycle clubs and motorcycle groups across the U