R1 motorcycle: R1 has the first motorcycle that can drive on two wheels

  • August 4, 2021

R1 is a British company that’s making its first-ever motorcycle.

The R1’s main selling point is its ability to drive two wheels, but the company’s main competition in the market is Harley Davidson.

The company’s R1, a $1,500 (£1,100) bike, will go on sale next month.

It’s not the first time a motorcycle company has used two wheels to drive on its chassis.

In 2013, BMW unveiled the i3, a two-wheeler with two wheels that was a huge hit in the UK and around the world.

BMW is now targeting the US market, and R1 will be part of a new family of electric motorcycles.

The idea is that they will have a larger battery and larger torque output, so they can drive off-road.

If R1 can build a motorcycle that’s lighter and quicker, it might have a shot at being a viable alternative to BMW.

And it might just make the world a bit greener too.

It’s been a while since I have driven an electric motorcycle.

I can’t remember when I last got one of these.

When the R1 went on sale, the only people who had ever driven it were the owners, the engineers and the designers.

The R1 weighs almost 3,000g.

R1 will cost about $1.50k (£1.25k) to own.

It will also be available in five different versions.

The cheapest will be the $1K (£933) R1 R1 Plus, which will have the same specs as the R2 and R3.

At $2,400 (£1/9th) it will cost you $2.5k (£2,250).

The more expensive version, the R3 Plus, will have more power and torque and will come with a leather interior and leather seats.

R3s are available now for $4,000 (£3,200) and $5,000, and you can also get a R3 Pro with an engine upgrade.

But that’s only if you can afford it.

The most expensive model, the $5K (£6,400) R3, is a luxury, and it comes with a built-in GPS, a built.

in. electric motor and a fully automatic transmission.

It comes with an air suspension, a manual transmission and a $7,000 upgrade. The $8K (£7,600) R4 Plus, meanwhile, has an electric motor, a leather-wrapped suspension and a full automatic transmission, which is just $6,000.

That’s not to mention the $9,000 R5 Plus, and the $12,000 £11,000 (€15,600 and €20,800) R6 Plus, both of which come with an electric motors, leather-covered suspension and an automatic transmission upgrade.

R6s are a bit more expensive, and that’s because they’re designed with a more sporty, less-aggressive stance.

How does it compare to the BMW i3?

In terms of size, the BMW R1 looks like a bigger version of the R32.

It is lighter at 5,000kg (8,200lb), has a much larger battery (3,000mAh) and a more powerful engine (1,600cc) compared to the R33.

This is the same engine that made the R30, which the BMW was keen to bring into the market in the last year or so.

However, the i2 and i3 don’t share the same size.

The BMW R31 is 6,500kg (13,500lb), and the BMW is 5,900kg (10,900lb).

The R31 weighs just under 7,500g (16,000lb) and has a 2,600kg (4,400lb) battery.

Both the R31 and R33 are made from aluminium, and they’re both capable of running on a mix of battery power and electric motors.

But the BMW’s motor is more powerful, and its torque is also much higher.

The battery size and torque is comparable to that of the BMW X5, the most powerful electric motorcycle in the world, which weighs about 9,400kg (18,000lbs).

The BMW’s engine is also more powerful than the BMW E30.

On paper, the bigger motor and torque make the R29 a better electric motorcycle, but its electric motor is still not as powerful as the BMWs.

What’s the difference between the R35 and R36?

Both R35s and R37s are powered by a four-cylinder engine, but R35 is the more powerful one.

You can choose between a four or eight-cylinders engine, although the latter is much more expensive.

The eight-stroke is rated at around